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One of the most awe-inspiring and majestic sights is the Humpback Whale gliding effortlessly through the ocean waters off the coast of Perth. At WA Fishing, we have a strong affinity for the whales and enjoy sharing the beauty and superb nature of these creatures with our guests. We strictly adhere to the Rules for Whale Watching in Western Australian waters on all our whale watching Perth tours.

We offer Perth whale watching cruises from the end of August until the first week of December. Viewing the Humpback Whale during its migration is our primary goal on our whale watch cruises. We depart at 9:00am and return around 5:00pm. Once you are onboard, we provide a full breakfast and hot beverages. Cold water and soft drinks are available to you throughout the day, free of charge.

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What You Need to Bring to Our Whale Watching Perth Tours

In order to enjoy the day as much as possible, please bring with you the following:

  • A jacket
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Seasickness tablets
  • A camera

We provide the following:​

  • A light breakfast
  • Expert commentary and information about the whales
  • Cold soft drinks
  • A selection of sandwiches and snacks
  • An unforgettable excursion

An Experience You Will Remember

While on your adventure, one of our guides will share interesting facts about the Humpback Whales as well as some of the history of whaling in the area. Once we spot migrating whales, we will give the whales the right of way, as the law requires this. We will not attempt to make close contact with any of the whales and you must not attempt to engage the whales or throw anything into the water because the law also forbids disturbing or distressing the whales. It is crucial for the whales’ well-being that we remember that we are entering their habitat and we should act like proper guests.

You will have a chance to enjoy a special treat, hearing the whales communicate with each other underwater. WA Fishing is one of only two Perth whale watching companies equipped with underwater microphones to pick up the sounds that the whales make to one another.

Once you hear these hauntingly beautiful conversations, you will remember it forever.

About the Humpback Whale

The Humpback Whale is easy to identify by its stout body with a wide head and flippers that are up to one-third of the total body length. The small dorsal fin typically sits atop a hump in the whale’s back, hence the name Humpback Whale. The large tail flukes and the edge of the flippers are scalloped. The Humpback Whale has a black back and its undersides are typically while. Adult whales range between fourteen and nineteen meters in length and weigh roughly 36,000 kilos.

Humpback Whales are prevalent in the oceans off the Eastern Australian coast and the Western Australian coast as they pass by during their yearly migration, which takes place between the end of August and early December. Humpbacks communicate with each other by ‘singing’ complex whale songs especially during mating season. In 1963, whaling for the Humpback whale ended and they are free to make their yearly journey from Antarctica to the southern waters of Australia in peace. ​

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    Whale Watching Safety Tips

      • ​​Store bags and loose items under seats
      • Use the overhead hand straps or handrails when moving
      • Wear shoes with sturdy soles and closed toes heels, sandals, and dress shoes are not permitted
      • The crew will explain whale watch safety prior to getting under way; please pay careful attention to the important information

    Tourists watching whales near Fremantle

    Things to Note

    Due to the nature of a whale watch cruise, we advise that our guests be in good overall health and not predisposed to seasickness. We do not recommend our whale watch cruise to elderly, those with balance problems, heart conditions, back or leg pain, or those who have been under any type of anesthesia 72 hours prior to the cruise.

    Children over five years old may take part in the whale watch cruise on the condition of close parental supervision at all times. Because your safety is our primary concern, we constantly monitor weather conditions and confirm all departures 12 hours prior to your scheduled departure. If the weather is unsuitable for Perth whale watching, we will reschedule your cruise.

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