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The Best Way to See Rottnest Island

Beautiful Rottnest Island

WA Fishing Perth offers incredible day trips to Rottnest Island, one of Western Australia’s most popular island destinations. If you'd like to learn more about this truly amazing island, go here.

This excursion is enjoyed by locals and tourists, as the island is known for its:

  1. Crystal clear waters
  2. Coral reefs
  3. Sandy beaches
  4. Unspoiled bays
  5. Exceptional wildlife
  6. Outstanding climate reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

On the jettyRotto, as Perth locals call the island, has a rich and storied history going all the way back to pre-historic eras. Dutch settlers arrived on Rottnest in the seventeenth century followed by the English who established internment camps, military installations, and penal colonies. Rottnest is a relatively small island being 11km long and 4.5km at the widest, it covers around nineteen square kilometers.

The great variety of wildlife earned Rotto the designation of A-Class reserve, which is the highest level of protection given to public land. Rotto is home to marsupials known as quokkas, small creatures that resemble kangaroos. So many bird species call Rotto home that BirdLife International designates it as an Important Bird Area. Dolphins and an occasional humpback whale swim among the coral and limestone reefs, and colonies of Australian sea lions and southern fur seals also call Rottnest home. About one hundred people live on the island full-time, but estimates put annual tourist populations as high as 500,000 each year.

When you book one of our day Rottnest Island cruises with WA Fishing, you will enjoy our usual first class service as well as a memorable visit to paradise. Your day begins at 9:00am when we begin the short trip to Rottnest, the island is located about eighteen km off of the mainland so it is roughly a 45min voyage. On the way, relax and enjoy stunning views while you help yourself to our light breakfast trays and hot beverages.

The Basin at Rottnest Island

Cheap Rottnest Island Boat Cruises

Parakeet Bay - Beautiful and Mostly Untouched

One of our Rottnest Island Tour Stops

We drop anchor at Parakeet Bay. This is our preferred location because it is typically quiet and uncrowded; giving you the feeling of having a private beach. You have the option of heading ashore where you can enjoy the beach and explore the island. You are also welcome to stay onboard where you can take in some sunshine, swim in the bay from our platform, or use one of our inflatables to float in the water.

Upon request, we will provide you with snorkeling gear as the clear water is outstanding for snorkeling. If you enjoy snorkeling, you can follow The Rottnest Island Wreck Trail, a snorkeling trail with underwater placards explaining the unique aquatic ecosystems around the island. The trail also leads you to various shipwreck sites giving you a one of a kind perspective on centuries-old shipwrecks as well as wrecks that are more recent. ​

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    Lighthouse on Rottnest

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    ​​Diving is another popular activity on Rotto. You will find exceptional reefs and great varieties of fish to observe on a Rottnest dive. From mid-November through June, you can try your hand at diving for crayfish. There is a legal limit of six crayfish per bag and a limit of twelve bags per boat, so be advised that the option of diving for crayfish is afforded on a first come first served basis with absolutely no exceptions.
    A cute quokka

    We Take Care of You

    At noontime, we will serve an assortment of sandwiches and snacks as well as cold soft drinks .You can feel free to pack your own food and drinks for lunch, or you have the option of finding food on the island. Please advise us when you book your trip if you will be eating on board the ship or going on your own for lunch.
    After a fun-filled day on our Rottnest Island cruises, we depart for the mainland at 6:00 pm.

    The sights and sounds of Rotto will stay with you, always calling you back for another memorable visit.