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Fishing Off the Coast of WA

For the ultimate charter fishing excursion, join WA fishing for a remarkable 5, 7 or 10 day getaway on our Abrolhos Islands Fishing Charters. This fishing charters Abrolhos Islands experience gives you an up-close look at one of Western Australia's best fishing locations.

Abrolhos Islands Fishing TripThe islands and the coral reefs that surround them create a unique underwater ecosystem. that is perfect for a huge variety of fish species.

The Abrolhos Islands are located about sixty km off the coast of Western Australia and consist of one-hundred and twenty-two separate islands which extend across roughly one-hundred kilometers from north to south. The islands lie in the middle of the southward-flowing Leeuwin Current making it a congregating spot for sea life from the temperate and tropical climates. This ensures that the variety of fish will be superb.

The Abrolhos Islands are also home to over ninety species of seabirds, including great numbers of white breasted sea eagles. The beautiful reef, which surrounds the islands, has been the cause of many shipwrecks over time. The most famous wreck in the area is the ill-fated Dutch merchant ship Batavia in 1629. As fate would have it, this wreck and the bloody mutinous aftermath led to the discovery of more Western Australia coastline as well as the first two documented Europeans to live in Australia. It is easy to see why the beautiful Abrolhos Islands and their storied history draw thousands of tourists every year.

Fishing at Abrolhos Islands

How We Operate

A typical 5 day trip (for example, we offer longer trips too) will look like:

  1. SUNDAY: Arrive at the dock by 7:00pm, claim your bed, unpack your gear, and join us on deck for pizza and beers. We make it an early night, as we will get under way before sun up.
  2. MONDAY: The trip to the southern-most region of the islands takes roughly three hours. During this time, we will serve a hearty scrambled egg breakfast with biscuits, jams, and hot beverages. Once we reach the Wreck Point area, we will begin trolling, breaking for lunch and dinner. At sunset, we head in toward the island and anchor for the night.
  3. TUESDAY: After breakfast, we will fish, break for lunch, and fish again until late afternoon when we head to the middle islands in the Abrolhos Island chain. During the trip, dinner is prepared, you can stay on board, or if you like, you can explore the island for a few hours.
  4. WEDNESDAY: We head north before breakfast and spend the rest of the day fishing off the northern most islands in the chain.
  5. THURSDAY: Relax and fish today,as we won't be moving around much. This is also a good time for sight-seeing on the island or perhaps just napping below deck or even on one of the Abrolhos Island's beautiful beaches. we will remind you to take breaks for meals.
  6. FRIDAY: Sadly, this is the end of your fishing charters Abrolhos Islands experience and we begin our journey back at 9:00 am. We plan to arrive back at the docks in the early evening. You can choose to head for home at this point or you can stay aboard one more night and depart the vessel before 9:00am Saturday morning.

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    What You Need to Know

    Please be aware that the sleeping bunks are dormitory style and we do not offer private accommodations. However, we permit sleeping on deck under the canopy if you like. We offer separate male and female showers and toilet facilities. Also, be advised that we will be in an extremely remote location for the majority of your excursion; cellular phone service is close to non-existent. Our guests find texting family on the mainland is the best way to communicate. For emergencies, we are equipped with a satellite phone. We will provide you with the number upon confirmation of your excursion and we suggest you share the number with at least one responsible family member so that your family may reach you while you are onboard.
    Underwater shot of fish

    What you need to bring on your Abrolhos Island fishing charter excursion:

    • Sleeping bag and pillow
    • Single sheet
    • Towels
    • Personal toiletries, medications, and seasickness tablets
    • Sunscreen and sunglasses
    • Camera
    • A light jacket
    • An esky (please leave in your car to take your fish home)

    We Take Care of You!

    We take care of the rest of the details including meals, baiting hooks, removing and spiking fish, cleaning your catch and handing out free helpful advice. All you need to think about is spending your days soaking up the sun, enjoying the views, and taking advantage of the very best fishing of your life. You always have the option of choosing to explore the islands if you would like. On the islands you have various options for dining, please advise us if you are planning on dining on shore. Remember, this trip is about you, so if there are specific fish you would like to have the opportunity to catch or a particular spot you would like to see, just let the skipper know and he will do his very best to make it happen.

    ​An Abrolhos Island fishing charter with Charter WA Fishing is an unforgettable experience and the memories will last a lifetime!